PUR-Gloss SuperShiny Masonry Sealer
PUR-Gloss SuperShiny Masonry Sealer

PUR-Gloss SuperShiny Masonry Sealer

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Lovitt's PUR-Gloss SuperShiny Masonry Sealer - 5 gallons
Part Number: LOV031
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Lovitt's PUR-Gloss is only available in 5 gallon buckets


100 % Acrylic - Environmentally Safe - Soap & Water Clean up

stamped concrete sealer

PUR-Gloss SuperShiny is a professional grade shiny sealer for stamped concrete, river rocks, pavers, and concrete surfaces. 

The deep shine accentuates the colors of stamped concrete while providing bulletproof protection from water, UV, car and foot traffic. 

This formula utilizes the latest in acrylic technology and Lovitt's expertise to bring forth the next generation of technologically advanced masonry sealers.

Stamped Concrete
River Rocks

*Effective and safe on all interior & exterior masonry surfaces where a shiny look is desired.

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