Lovitt's Wood Brightener - 5 gallon bucket
Wood Brightener/Neutralizer - Contractor Bucket

Lovitt's Wood Brightener - 5 gallon bucket

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5 Gallon Bucket of Wood Brightener Concentrate
Part Number: LOV006
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Packaged Exclusively For Wood Restoration Contractors 

Step #2 of Lovitt's 2-step wood restoration system

Lovitt's Contractor Bucket of Wood Brightener is packaged for the professional wood restoration contractor.  32 lbs. of concentrated granules, Wood Brightener bucket mixes up to 105 gallons of professional wood brightener to brighten/neutralize up to 21.500 square feet of wood surface!  This product is designed to be used with Lovitt's Wood Cleaner (Step #1) to neutralize and brighten wood surfaces following the use of the wood cleaner.

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