Lovitt's Platinum Interior Finish-1 Gallon
Platinum Interior Clear Wood Finish

Lovitt's Platinum Interior Finish-1 Gallon

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Interior Crystal Clear Finish For Logs, Trim, Doors & Windows
Part Number: LOV003

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Platinum is only available in 1 gallon bucket

Coverage Rates:  350-500 SF per Gallon

Lovitt's Platinum Interior wood finish is formulated using the latest water base wood coating technology to meet the needs of the demanding homeowner and professional wood finisher.  This remarkable, low odor interior finish has set a new standard for interior finishing of log homes, wood trim, doors, and windows.

This extremely durable formula was designed to be easily sprayed on using an airless sprayer for contractors, but can be applied just as easily with a brush or applicator pads.

Platinum can be applied in multiple coats with a light sand between coats to build the finish to whatever depth you are seeking.

Our professional finishers can't get over how easy to use and great this product is!


  • Interior Logs
  • Tongue & Groove
  • Wood Windows
  • Doors
  • Interior Trim
  • Log Furniture
*Not for use as a floor finish

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