Lovitt's P-Wood   5 gallon bucket
P-Wood Siloxane Wood Protector

Lovitt's P-Wood 5 gallon bucket

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Lovitt's P-Wood Silicate Wood Preserver
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P-Wood is only available in 5 gallon buckets

Coverage Rates:
     New wood 1000-1200 SF per 5 gallon bucket
                                Old wood 500-750 SF per 5 gallon bucket

Pwood protector

Lovitt's P-Wood silicate solution completely permeates the wood cells during application.  Upon contact with the wood surface, a natural reaction begins between the P-Wood and compounds already found in wood, this reaction drives the silicates deep into the wood grain and bonds, water proofing and preserving the wood.  This action forms a strong barrier against water, oils, salts, and acids penetrating the grain.  

Lovitt's P-Wood is the perfect solution for applications where the wood needs to be preserved and protected, but a high quality wood stain that requires periodic maintenance is not desired.  

  • Non-Toxic environmentally friendly
  • Non-Flammable & Odorless
  • Hardens and protects wood surfaces
  • Forms an internal seal against water
  • Retards weather related deterioration
  • Retards penetration of water, oils, and acids.
  • Leaves no surface film
  • Effective above or below grade
  • One time application-preserves wood


  • Log homes
  • Cedar siding
  • Wood barns & outbuildings
  • Cedar shake roofs
  • Fencing
  • Wooden walkways
  • Docks
  • Decks
  • Chicken coups
  • Safe for gardens and planters
  • All exterior wood that requires preservation

P-wood is the ultimate wood treatment designed to protect and preserve the wood against the harmful effects of water, salts, oils, and acid intrusion.

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