Lovitt's Emerald Gold - 5 gallon bucket
Lovitt's Emerald Gold Wood Finish

Lovitt's Emerald Gold - 5 gallon bucket

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Emerald Gold Log Home Stain
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Emerald Gold is only available in 5 gallon buckets

Coverage Rates:    Old/Restored Wood  750-1000 Square Feet Per 5 Gallon Bucket
                              New Wood  1000-1500 Square Feet Per 5 Gallon Bucket

Emerald Gold Wood Finish

Emerald Gold Color Chart

Emerald Gold
protects and enhances the natural beauty of wood surfaces
V.O.C. Compliant in all 50 states

Lovitt's Emerald Gold is an eco-friendly, penetrating, natural oil wood finish that is remarkably durable and stable.  We've combined the best properties of renewable alkyd oils and water based micro-polymer acrylic resins to create this advanced "oil based water borne" finish. 

With our technology, water and oil do mix without separating! 
The combination of premium oils and resins contained in Emerald Gold penetrates into the wood pores to form a powerful bond within the woods structural cells.

Our state of the art HD (high definition) tinting provides eye-popping grain clarity and extreme UV protection from the suns damaging rays.

Advantages of Emerald Gold

  • Extremely Durable, even in high mountain or oceanfront climates
  • Low V.O.C (odor) at less than 119 gr. per liter!
  • Versatile — so safe you can treat interior wood also!
  • Oil based with water clean up - Non Flammable!
  • Can be sprayed and back brushed like an oil finish - Deep Penetrating!
  • Finish does not evaporate from the wood with heat exposure
  • Does not need to be stripped before re-application.
  • Reduces tannin bleed, cupping, warping, and checking on siding.
  • Can be applied to wood with as high as 21% moisture - Effective on new wood!
  • Breathable film - allows wood to breathe naturally.
  • No soft oils to attract dirt, and subsequent mold and mildew formation.
  • Provides an easy to clean wood surface.
  • Log Homes
  • Wood Siding
  • Decking
  • Fences
  • Virtually All Exterior Wood

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