Choosing the Best Wood Stain for the Job

There's a study that suggests 62 to 90 percent of a first impression is based on color alone. It influences the mood and perception of that initial interaction, but also has a psychological effect over time.

This is important to consider when selecting wood stain.
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Does Wood Stain Prevent Rot?

Wood rot is an ancient and natural process. Preventing it is a uniquely human concern. As trees fall, they break down, decay, and erode into nutritious soil, returning life back to the earth and giving back to the ecosystem that once reared it. 

The source of wood rot (or more accurately, decay) is fungi that seek four things: water, oxygen, food, and the right temperature. Remove one of those and it upsets the balance for reproduction. The most common way is through moisture control.

If you're trying to figure out whether or not wood stain prevents rot, just know that it can if it penetrates the wood grain and seals it. 

There's more to that answer though.
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