What’s the Difference Between Staining and Oiling Wood?

Are you starting on your next big woodworking project? “Do you think I should oil or stain this?” This is a good place to start. Both oils and stains each have significant advantages and disadvantages, and either might be better depending on your
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What Do You Do When Wood Won’t Absorb Stain?

Picture this — You're in the middle of tackling another big DIY project on your to-do list. You’ve picked out a great colored stain that’s going to perfectly accentuate the grain and natural character or your boards. You carefully brush the stain onto the wood and wait. 

Hours pass and you realize that the wood is not absorbing the stain. The wood feels tacky and wet. “What is going on?” You may ask.

Has this ever happened to you? We’re here to help. We’ve rounded up our tips for applying stain and the most frequent mistakes when staining wood. 

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