Staining vs Sealing Wood

Whether you have an expensive piece of outdoor furniture, a beautiful wood patio, piece of wood art, or a stunning log home you are going to want to keep the piece protected. While wood can be strong, if not properly protected, the wood can also weather and wear quickly, so protecting your wood project in the right way can be the difference between years of use and enjoyment, and quick fading or cracking.

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What Causes Log Home Rot?

There are many factors that contribute to rot in log homes. Some are easily avoidable, other causes of rot are not so easy to defend against. In this article, I will talk about the things you can do to minimize the chances of the logs in your log home developing rot.
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Log Home Spring Inspection

This spring, once the rain stops, every log home owner should walk around their home and do a thorough inspection of their log home, a routine they should do every year to ensure their log home stays in good shape, and to make a plan for summer maintenance! Make no mistake, all log homes require some maintenance usually on a yearly or bi yearly basis.
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