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We have a very knowledgeable staff to answer any questions you may have about our products or wood and masonry care in general!  We enjoy talking with customers about their projects and helping them attain the quality results they are seeking.

Our background is in professional log home restoration and masonry protection, every person in our office staff that you will speak to has had a hand in restoring log and cedar homes and our advice comes from experience in the field doing the work.  So when we talk to you about a process or product we have lived in hands on and have a wealth of advice to give.

We will continue to improve our products as technology evolves and offers us new additives through science innovations and testing. In fact, that is our uncompromised mission-to have the highest quality and best performing products for protection of wood and masonry.  Period.

To see pictures of Lovitt's products in action with a professional service company or to seek out professional log or cedar home restoration, click below to visit MM:

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